GreenLight Audio Conferencing

Reliable, Reservationless, and On-Demand

Let’s face it - there is nothing sexy about conference calls. In fact, people have used audio conferencing for decades to connect and collaborate with groups both small and large. With the advent of “Free Conference Calls” you may be wondering why you would pay for a conference call service like GreenLight Audio. Well, first of all, the free services are far from “free”. Most major carriers either add fees or simply block access to free conferencing services.

If you want predictable access, dependable quality, and no surprises on your important conference call, forget free - go with GreenLight Audio.

GreenLight Collaboration has been in the audio conferencing business for a decade. The service is simple, dependable and affordable. Everything you want from an audio conferencing provider. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Toll free access
  • Quality and availability you can count on
  • Operators available to provide assistance
  • Full Feature Set: Muting, Recording, Dial out, and Bill Code Capture.

Audio conferencing is the collaboration workhorse.
Be ready to meet with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


For a customized rate plan, pay-as-you-go plans, or to add audio conferencing to your web conferencing package, contact us.